Stormy Weather (another Giantslayer adventure path campaign)

The final log of Arcadian

To anyone reading this,

I’m sure it may seem a bit strange to have a figure other than Arcadian logging this entry,especially as I am not nearly as eloquent with my writing style as he is,but it is with a heavy heart that I fill in the last entry in his journal. The beginning of his end starts after the Fey(stupid as they are). We trekked back to the young dwarf female to begin helping her track her brother. The hunt,while solely uneventful,was fairly long and appeared to be taking us off of our path so we sent a messenger back to the ship to meet us at 2 days worth of travel upstream. What we did not foresee however was coming across a fort fabled to have been protected by the goddess Iomedae.

A paladin who had sworn her life to occupying the fort and protecting it from harm welcomed us in and allowed us the opportunity to eat something other than rations and rest our weary,swamp-filled boots which we gladly accepted without a moments hesitation. Of course our jolly cleric worked his charms on her and roomed with her for the night…

It is when day broke,in the midst of my meditations,that this story really begins though. I was approached by the seasoned paladin who explained to me the true nature of the fort and it’s blessings and informed me that she believed that fate had brought me to be next to guard it. I agreed to at the very least ask Korada for his guidance(to which he responded, “You will know in your heart what is right”).

We set out shortly after with some added guidance from the Paladin of the Fort when we came across a patrol of orcs with a giant flanking them. With quick thinking we set a trap to ensnare the giant to deal with the orcs quickly and handle him last,but the orcs saw through our plans,causing us to leap into action. To our surprise though,the orcs had some type of magical serum that gave them tremendous strength,and with a few blows and only a handful of orcs defeated I looked over and saw Arcadian’s body limp on the ground. My blood boiling and tensions running high with the group we managed to fell the massive beast that had killed our companion and the orcs lost their will to fight shortly after.

Which leads us to now. Broken and hurt we trudge back to the fort to lick our wounds without our friend Cade. Although our companions do not yet know it,I pass along the recording of our journeys to them as my heart speaks very clearly to me. The creatures in this area are a threat to humanity,and while I failed in preventing the death of a comrade I know that I can stay at the fort and stand as a shield for any trying to pass so that I can prevent the deaths of many for the rest of my days.

-Agathor,Shield of Korada


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