Stormy Weather (another Giantslayer adventure path campaign)

Stupid Fey

From the Journal of Arcadian Erichson

I hate dealing with Fey. Nothing works like it should and no matter how hard you resist, everyone’s mind comes away muddled. Still, that’s one of the few good things about dealing with them – you don’t remember most of it when you’re done. Of course with my broken brain, I’ll forget on my own anyway, but that’s what this stupid journal is for. Write it down, re-read it frequently. That’s what they said would help me remember. Besides it gives me something to do while the spellcasting types sort through the loot.

It’s already starting to fade, even if it’s only been less than a day. Let’s see if I can remember enough to hit the highlights:
• Early start (barely after midnight – we all needed some rest after that backstabbing . . . woman . . . ambushed us with her orc buddies).
• Hours of slogging through the muck of the swamp.
• Crazy dwarf chick babbling about some witch (and orcs) that had ambushed her and then taken her brother.
• More slogging through the muck of the swamp.
• Weird druidic summoning circle in the middle of nowhere.
• Fog coming out of nowhere.
• Giant coming out of nowhere (normally I’d be thankful – at least giants only hit hard, they don’t screw with your brain. Normally. Stupid Fey giants).
• Yet more slogging through the muck of the swamp – this time interrupted by floating lights. (“Let’s follow them” the druid said. “They’ll take us where we need to go,” the druid said. “It’ll be fun,” the druid said. Stupid Fey.)
• One of the lights turned into a ghost of a druid (Stupid undead Fey).
• Ghost druid gave us “permission” to take one of the dead will-o-wisp husks (I never knew they had a body) to use in the lantern the deaf/dumb druid from Trunau gave us. Then it directed us back to the druid circle, which led to . . .
• Even more slogging through the muck of the swamp.
• The dead will-o-wisp in the druid lantern shown a light over the stones in the druid circle which opened up a portal to some otherworldly druid “arsenal”.
• After much discussion, we all went into the otherworldly druid “arsenal” with varying degrees of willingness.
• Saw a big greenhouse which we all entered with varying degrees of willingness.
• Then it got weird.
• Attacked by weird bushy plants.
• Attacked by weird nearly invisible hummingbird like things.
• Met totally hot elf chick who we attacked before she had a chance to attack us. Thanks Paranoid Paladin!!
• Totally hot elf chick transformed into ugly hag after the paladin hit her. We then willingly jumped into the effort of attacking her. Stupid Fey illusions. Although in her case, she was lucky she had them – she was REALLY ugly.
• Attacked by giant dragonfly.
• Played hopscotch across floating lily-pads (or for some, rappelled down into a pit, slogged across a who-knows how deep pile of compost, then climbed back up the other side)
• Climbed down a bunch of stairs down into a mini-jungle in the basement of the greenhouse.
• Attacked by weird man-eating plant.
• A great deal of lightning later (great use of an earlier discovered scroll), the man-eating plant was toast.
• Climbed back up a bunch of stairs on the other side of the greenhouse.
• Found an indoor briar-patch (which is where some of our people finally snapped – stupid Fey), set it on fire and killed everything in the room.
• Finally found the “arsenal” we were promised and looted some stuff which would be of amazing help if we were all druids. As it is, we’ll be able to find a good use for most of it.
• Next steps: Back to the real world, couple of hours rest, then slogging through the muck of the swamp, back to the boat and out of this gods-forsaken land.

Bottom line – the whole place was cursed. Stupid Fey.


kirk_spencer Danieleben

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