Stormy Weather (another Giantslayer adventure path campaign)

Prison time

Malira reveals herself

  • Partial transcript. Prisoner interview, “Melira”. Interviewer Sgt Coaren. Truth spell and charm spell used. *

M: … I was hunting aurochs to bring back to Freetown when my locket went dead.

C: Your locket?

M: Yes. Skreed and I were, well, we decided to have a True Love Locket set made. If – when – something bad happens, the other knows. So when mine went dead, I knew.

C: And?

M: And I decided I wanted to know why and how. He’d told me the special job was in Trunau, so that’s where I decided to go. Down the road to Vigil, then catch either a riverboat or a caravan. Used up most of what I’d saved, not that it mattered.

C: So how did you end up on the boat?

M: So there I was in Vigil, and I started hearing what had happened from merchants. A hundred – a thousand – orcs, orcs and giants, orcs giants and dragons, you know how it goes. Anyway, this army descended on Trunau and almost overran it all, but they were saved by these people. Heroes, maybe. Regardless, some questioning and a little flirting got me the answer as to who and how. And I decided since my life – our life, Skreed and I – was over, I might as well take our killers with us.

M: Rumor being rumor there were a lot of descriptions. But there were a couple in particular. A druid with a really big bird as a companion. A paladin with a monkey. And some guy with a gun.

M: So I’m figuring how to get them, and hear this guy say, “We were the ones. We stopped the orcs, and we stopped the saboteurs.” Didn’t think anything of it till I noticed his companions included this guy with a gun and another really big guy carrying a monkey. And I followed the woman who sort of looked druidish out, and she fed a bird almost as big as her.

M: I guessed I didn’t have much time, so I asked the innkeeper where they’d come from. I managed to find out they were travelling on old Bloodtusk’s boat. I grabbed Chokehold and we hurried to the docked boat. Turns out they only had one person on watch, and he fell for my persuasion. The spell was just icing on the cake. I got the tale from the crewman, and with his help got into a good place to hide while wreaking some vengeance.

M: Just to make sure, I sent the half-orc out with a message to Tark back in Freetown. I knew if he hurried he could have a team in place to set up an ambush, and he’d race the wind for the recipe to Skreed’s burn medication.

C: So what did you do once you were on the boat?

M: I knew they were dangerous; they killed Skreed. [breakdown redacted]

M: I decided I was smarter if I whittled them down a bit, get rid of one or two at a time. So I had the half-orc cut the rail where they drew up the fishing nets. The paladin fell in, the fighter jumped in, crocs everywhere, and a few second later the crew’s getting roast crocodile for dinner. Pretty good croc, too; the cook used just the right spicing. But there were still five of them.

M: So when I went into the bilge I passed the cage of the girallon the captain was keeping in his armory, to sell to the gladiator games. I thought as big as it was, if it didn’t have its drugs and was let loose it would at least get rid of one or two of these people, and maybe get the crew riled as well.

C: The crew didn’t kill Skreed.

M: but they were helping the murderers.

C: Please go on.

M: Almost as big a flop as the crocodiles. This time according to the half-orc they recaged the girallon, and the druid offered to calm it with skills instead of tranquilizers. Of course the captain would jump at that. It’d be in top form right away instead of needing a couple of weeks to recover.

M: It meant she was by herself almost in reach. I thought hard about ambushing the [insult redacted], but realized her bird would be a sensitive as Chokehold was about me.

C: Was?

M: They claim they didn’t kill him. But he was barely alive and they just dumped him overboard after… I have no idea.

C: So you did manage to kill one of them.

M: Not one of them, the little one who escaped some sort of pursuit while we were leaving Vigil. Yeah, he was snooping around. I knew I couldn’t let him go back and report finding my traps, so I shot him. And shot him, and shot him. And the [redacted] didn’t shoot back at me. No, he blasted Chokehold. I thought he’d died, but I after dropping the killer I managed to get to him in time. A little medicine, some bandages, and given time he’d recover.

C: Did he get the time?

M: No. They all came storming in that night – the fighter, the paladin, the rogue, with the captain and a couple of his crew. I shot them a couple of times but it was obvious I was out numbered. I popped my invisibility wand and as I slid off one way I started using cantrips and some wires I’d prepared to make it seem I was in the other corner. I barely got past, and then I discovered the [insult redacted] had a backup team in the smuggler’s hold.

M: That mage may look like he is a wimp, but he held me long enough. It didn’t help that I was carrying Chokehold, but I don’t know if having him fully ready to go would have helped.

C: Melira, by our tenets I must ask: do you regret? Do you repent?

M: I regret that none of Skreed’s killers died. I repent of the sloppiness that let them escape vengeance. I pray my gods that their doom comes, and if I am truly loved by Her that I shall see it happen.

  • end of transcript section *

Handwritten addendum.

It appears Chokehold did not die. Or that Malira had a second snake capable of killing a guard and taking the guard’s keys to Malira. Also, it is recommended again that prisoner’s goods not be kept in the same general area as the cells. The awkwardness of a long walk for released prisoners collecting their equipment pales to escaping prisoners having access to the same.


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