Stormy Weather (another Giantslayer adventure path campaign)


A new player joins

… << decrypted missive >>

In the months since the Apostasy escaped, we had attempted communion with the Unawakened with no response. When there was a sign it had responded during a minor gathering in Vigil it seemed a matter for rejoicing. Little did we know the Apostasy had tracked, us, and seized the Unawakened during our revel.

He was spotted leaving, and all gave chase. Regretfully he escaped immediate pursuit, and the Local Guide suggested small parties led by long-term residents quarter the city. Though it risked exposing our false marks should we become noticed, it was ruled that recovering the Unawakened more than justified that risk.

Regretfully, the Apostate was spotted only as he boarded a ship in the process of undocking, and not even the party’s chaser was able to catch up before the ship had pulled into the main stream. He was, however, able to determine the Apostate’s escape vessel.

It’s the keelboat belonging to Raag Bloodtusk, one of the rare champion gladiators who took his winnings (three time champion of the Taldorian games) and got out before dying. Though none know for certain, it’s believed the ship is providing transport for a small group of fools who survived an orcish raid with a bit of renown. Tales vary, but all agree they seem to be seeking something more.

Members argued between pursuit and preparation for the inevitable return to civilization. The Voice decided on the latter course, but decreed that chasers prepare their teams for later pursuit in the event Bloodtusk returns without the Unawakened aboard.

As the Voice’s hand, then, I write calling for Voices of <unknown> throughout the Inner sea prepare their Ears, Hands, and chasers on the chance the Unawakened be taken within their realms of control.


kirk_spencer kirk_spencer

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